Five for Friday . . . Why Are a Bunch of My Kiddos Out with the Flu?

Just call me sickle cell Kristin because that is exactly what my sorority sisters wanted to nickname me before my pledge sisters thought it would be more appropriate to call me "Ross" from Friends. I seriously JUST got over my fever this past weekend and now I am sick again with the flu. My body aches and my throat is hoarse. I had 6 kiddos gone the last 3 days from my classroom. A few more were called today to go home early. I am currently writing this blog in a drowsy Nyquil state of mind. But don't mind me, because it's been a few Fridays since I linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky party.

**Be forewarned that you have been advised. Any typos are a product of my Nyquil induced state of mind.**

Adam Glendon Sidwell, the author of Fetch & EverTaster came to my school for a book signing and an assembly on "The Art of a Story". It was such a fun and interactive assembly! Sidwell uses elements of telling a story that all writers must have in order to publish a good book. He uses academic language such as "rising action", "climax", "moral or theme", and he talked about how his books weren't written in just one day. He had actually spent 8 months writing EverTaster and revising and editing until he was proud and content with the end product.

He also does graphic animations for movies like Tron, Toy Story 3, King Kong, Thor, and many other ones I can't think of. Visit his website to learn about his assembly and his work. Below is a quick snippet of his book that was turned into a movie:

The assembly tied in perfectly with how my students JUST finished sharing their Published personal narrative pieces just last week. They took turns coming up to the document camera and sharing their stories. As a class, we all got to give each other constructive feedback according to the rubric that was presented to them before they started writing.

This past month I joined Jameson at Lessons with Coffee for my first ever Slant Box. I have been exchanging e-mails with the ladies that have been paired up with me. One of them I make a Slant Box for and the other makes one for me. I just feel so happy getting to know new fellow bloggers. I am lucky to have been paired up with really talented and hard working ladies. (Obviously I am no dum dum and won't be posting a pic of the contents in my box in case the person I am sending it to reads this)! 


I was recently contacted by Jasmine McClain from Buzzing with Mrs. McClain to join her blog hop. First of all, I was SO honored that I just couldn't turn it down. It'll be my first ever blog hop so please keep a look out for some "You Oughta Know..." posts & my specific topic from myself and other wonderful teacher bloggers out there.

Last, but certainly not least . . . it is World Series time and even though my team is behind by 2, I have complete faith that the SF Giants can pull it off! Tomorrow is another day. #OrangeOctober 


  1. Love how your students get to share their stories! I wish we had something like that at our school.
    Maybe I can figure out a way :)
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Early Years with Sheri

    1. Hi Sheri!

      When I first started teaching 8 years ago, I didn't have any technology with the exception of the transparency machine (I don't even remember what it's called anymore!). But we did do Lucy Calkin's Writers Workshop and a big part of writing and being a writer was allowing students to share their writing and celebrate their finished product. I used to have the kids do partner share or walk around and read and comment each others' writing back then. I'm sure you will find a way to make it happen! =)