Subscription Box Obsession

Ahoy, mateys! I just wanted to share a little something not related to teaching today. Besides my passion for education, I have a HUGE (understatement) obsession with make-up, fashion, accessories, and beauty products. About two years ago, I started on a dangerous (for my wallet) journey into subscription boxes. At one point, I was receiving 20 subscription boxes per month(some were food boxes, clothing boxes, subscription boxes, lifestyle boxes, or make-up/beauty boxes). I know... I know... I have problems! It's okay, I always think of myself as:

(I swear this is true!)

(That's right, my momma didn't raise NO quitter!)

This past year however, I made a list of which boxes were always a HIT and which ones I had to start getting rid of. Today, I am sharing 2 of the subscription boxes that I am keeping.

Subscription Box #1: Le Metier de Beaute
Le Metier de Beaute is a yearly VIP beauty subscription box. There is a flat upfront payment of $345.00. That means monthly, it is $28.75. Every month, they send a pre-release of their make-up or skin care product. The 2014-2015 VIP vault is currently closed, but every June they reopen their VIP subscription sign-up. Space is limited, so if you are interested, I recommend you follow their FaceBook site or MySubscriptionAddiction's Blog for updates.

For the first month (which starts in August), I received their dual eyeshadow and blush kaleidoscope. It is seriously UH-MAZING! The eyeshadows and the blush are so pigmented and it compliments my skin tone very well. It's also SO convenient to take and go with you in your purse.

Subscription Box #2: Ipsy Bag
Ipsy Glam Bag is a monthly beauty bag for $10/month. When you first register for the website, they make you take a beauty and skincare quiz to see your preference. The only downside about the quiz is that they don't ask you for your skin tone. Every now and then, I'll get BB Creams or Concealers in shades that do not match my skin tone very well. But overall, for $10 you get 5 decent sample size of make-up and skincare products that I usually never have heard of or would have ever tried on my own.

This is the August 2014 bag. You always get a little make-up bag each month. This month's theme was Back-to-School, which explains the pencil pouch type make-up bag. I usually keep my bags and use it to store different items in my classroom. I haven't tried August's products yet, but will be adding the lip balm, mascara, and eyeliner pencil to my purse for those emergency days where your face needs some refreshers.

Next time's blog: Glossybox.

Do any of you subscribe to any subscription boxes? If so, let me know! I would love to hear what other people subscribe to.


O.M.G...I am at Week 3!

Ahoy, there! Can you believe I have made it to week 3 of teaching?!? It's crazy, but it also explains why I am SO looking forward to Labor Day weekend! And...what better way to make it 3 weeks long than with a Monday Made-It with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics.

 While You Were Absent Folders
I have been having a lot of kiddos absent the last 2 weeks. It seems like there is a cold going around my grade level and other teachers are experiencing the same thing. With more than 1 kid being absent, it is easier to have the table captain from each table be in charge of the absent classmate's work. This past year, I remade my "Missed You While You Were Absent Folder" to go with my classroom's theme. Last year, I had a Jungle theme folder and this year I have a Nautical theme folder. Inside the folder, there is a "classwork" flap and a "homework" flap. Students take the folder home and they get one day per absent days to make up their work. So far, this system has worked for me for 2 years in a row. I really wish I discovered this earlier. I used to use a pocket chart where I would put extra work papers and students who were absent were responsible for grabbing the work they owed. Yea...that never made it back to the classroom...THIS however, works way better!

 Daiso Desktop Trash Can & Mini Broom w/Sweeper Pan
Okay...I have to admit. I have a pet peeve with students constantly getting up during instruction to throw away pencil shavings, extra scrap papers, or whatever other thing they feel they need to throw while I am in the middle of a lesson. To minimize ANY classroom interruptions or unnecessary getting out of their seats, I invested in these Daiso mini trash cans and mini broom with sweeper pan. For those that aren't familiar with Daiso, it is a Japanese dollar tree (but the items are $1.50 BUT with WAY better quality). 

I assign a "monster scrapper" each month. This is THE only person allowed to use the little broom and dust pan. He/she is also responsible for emptying out the mini trash cans every Friday prior to going home. I started this last year as well and it was THE most popular job, no matter if the student was a boy or a girl. I only pick students that can handle the responsibility. Towards the second semester, I would make my 3rd graders apply for their jobs and they would have to tell me why I should hire them.

Clarifying Unknown Vocabulary Bookmarks--Melonheadz Edition!
Made my kiddos their very own "Clarifying Unknown Vocabulary" bookmarks. I used to use this "pre-made" version in my last school when I was using the Imagine It! curriculum and my students and administrators loved it!!! Whenever we start a new story, on top of using Project GLAD strategies, my students bust this baby out as we focus on one of the strategies on the bookmark. This year, I made my own! HOORAY!!!

So...if you would like a copy, just e-mail me and let me know. All I ask is that you refer back to my blog and give me credit for the time and effort I put into making these.

Wellps, that is about all my brain can handle this Monday. Don't forget to head to Tara's blog to link up!

Fourth Grade Frolics


Tall Ships Festival

Ahoy, mateys! This past weekend I attended the Tall Ships Festival in Long Beach, California with my dearest sister. She is completely obsessed with all things rubber duckie since she was a wee little one. For those that don't know, the giant rubber duck is a sculpture designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. It is the biggest rubber duck in the world; measuring 85×66×105 ft and weighing 1,300 lbs. Hofman created this sculpture to spread joy and peace around the world and remind everyone of their childhood. So far, the giant rubber duck has traveled in Europe, Asia, and South America. 2014 marks the first year that the giant rubber duck has traveled to the United States. The Port of Los Angeles in Long Beach is its 3rd stop in America. So...of course, my sister would NEVER miss the opportunity to catch the rubber duckie in action! Here are some pics of our fun time this past Saturday:

We also got to take tours around the different battle ships, marine ships, and cruise ships that were there. 

Yupp! I'm the captain of this yacht!

American Pride!

 My sister actually rang this bell and it scared everybody on board. It was SO LOUD!!!

We also saw the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. I can cross something off MY own bucket list. I always wanted to see this truck. Now...someone find me the Tilamook truck!

My pasty legs...AHHH!!!

Everything tastes better with...BACON!!!

Except...I didn't feel like eating bacon after seeing the Maine Cousins Lobster Truck. They were on an episode of Shark Tank and actually got a deal out of it.

Nom...Nom...Nom... Connecticut Lobster Roll

AND...being the shopaholic and workaholic that I am, I had to get me some souvenirs that I just could't pass up!

Is this not the cutest earrings and hair clips you have seen OR what?!? It is all handmade by Moki Yoki & Me. I am TOTALLY wearing it to work one day!

This will also be going to my classroom decor. A captain's hat! In Pier 2 (Room 2), I AM the captain!

The authors of these books were there signing autographs. I'm excited to add these to my classroom library.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my Tall Ships Festival pictures. I know I had a wonderful time with wonderful company!


Procrastination = My Best Work

Hello there mateys! 

I don't know about you, but some of my best work comes from the pressure of me slacking off and waiting until last minute to do things. (It is stressful at the time, but the stress makes me work super hard). <-- Anyone understand me on this one... or is it just *crickets*?!?

So... just like my style, here is my Monday Made it on a Tuesday .... YAY! I am SO extra glad that 4th Grade Frolics keeps her linky open ALL week for us not so proficient teachers out there =P

My interactive chalkboard 

Since putting this up, I struggled to find why I even put this up in the first place. But I am so glad that I did. Instead of dealing with annoying post-it sticks that fall incessantly, I am having students answer their essential question of the week during their Workshop time on this chalkboard. I was able to purchase these super awesome & colorful chalkboard markers from Amazon. I tested it on a small patch to make sure it wipes off and it does! All you do is take a wet cloth and erase what you wish to erase and let it dry for the next use. It is seriously so neat! My students had a ball using this today. It allows me to do a  quick check of not only their ability to relate text-to-self connections, but I can see sentence structure, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 

My Mailbox Area

Ever deal with tattling? Or inappropriate comments during instructional time? Well, I got the solution for you! A few years ago, I saw a tattling turtle from reallygoodstuff.com. Instead of investing on the turtle, I decided to pull out this mailbox that I bought from Lakeshore during an episode of compulsive shopping on my end. Since then, my mailbox station was born.

I tell my students during the first few days of school, that they can write to me and put their thoughts in my mailbox if they have a concern, a comment, or random things that are NOT emergencies. I tell them I check my mailbox after school and will "reply" to them by Friday of that same week. Most of the time, I either get students tattling on one another or sweet notes. The tattle notes, I usually address with a "thank you for informing me and I will take care of it" or if it is serious, then I do address it as a class on a Friday. Notes and letters from students I usually give a thank you card with a sticker letting them know how they made my day.

The note above is from one of my students in my class this year. I never throw any of my students' notes. I keep it in a file folder and take out it after school to read for those really tough days (I'm sure every teacher can relate). Along with this note, her BFF wrote me one informing me that her previous teacher had 3 trash cans. She wanted to know why I didn't invest in a 3rd one as well. To that student, I will write "Thank you for your concern, but 2 trash cans are plenty for me." =)

Homework Club Board

I finally finished making my "Are you in it" homework club sign to go with this board! I had all the magnets, but kept procrastinating on the actual sign to let students know what that board was for. With homework starting this week, I HAD to make it. Hmmm...can you tell I am obsessed with lime green these days?

Close Reading Bookmarks

Last year, I went to a CCSS training with my grade level team. We learned how interactive close reading can be. Students are asked to constantly reflect on their reading which I thought was really neat! After all, we all learn during HS (a little too late in my opinion) how good readers take notes during reading. The fact that this training opened my eyes to how EARLY good note-taking takes place; blew my mind away! 

I was bored one day and decided to make my kiddos their own Close reading bookmark. They keep one in their supply bin and another one they take home. Let me know if anyone reading would like one and I will gladly e-mail it to you. =)

That is it for my Monday (really Tuesday) made it! Don't forget to link up with 4th Grade Frolics to join!

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Meet the Teacher Linky Party!

Linky Parties are so much fun! Now that I figured out how it all works, that is. Today, I am linking up with Stephanie from FallingintoFirst. She is the lady that inspired one of my Pinterest projects this past summer. So ...you could say I am a BIG time fan of hers =)

*Busting out my happy dance and cartwheels!*

Hello! My name is Kristin and I am 32 years old. I am entering my 8th year of teaching and my first time EVER teaching a 2/3 grade combo class. I have taught 2nd grade for 2 years and 3rd grade for 5 years, but NEVER combined in one room at the same time. I'm bowing down and praising all past, present, and future combo teachers. I just spent 5 hours planning all day today!

(That is me, a very happy toddler)

My family are the most special and important people in my life! I love them dearly. I am very blessed to have had a happy childhood and adult life filled with love and happiness. 

Christmas is my favorite holiday. There's something special about hearing Christmas songs on the radio for 3 months straight and putting up Christmas decorations. 


All things shabby chic, all things pink, Hello Kitty, Boo (the dog), Kate Spade purses, Michael Korrs watch, Marc Jacobs "Oh, Lola!" perfume, accessories and jewelry, Starbucks green tea latte with soy milk, Disneyland, Harry Potter series, Twilight saga, Hunger Games trilogy, Divergent saga, The Ellen show, Cooking channel (even though I don't cook much), all things technology (big time tech geek here), Brasilian street food, CHEESE and WINE, Chris Paul, Ryan Gosling, Ian Sommerhalder, Zack Efron, looking at my hillside lights at night, The Mindy Project, The Office, Friends (Ross is hilarious), and summer time.


I would definitely be an interior decorator! I love home decor and organization. I think I would do a kick ass job at it!


Silly, sweet, and happy!


"I love it when I procrastinate and have piles of ungraded papers on my desk!, said NO teacher ever!!"

(horrific nightmare)!


I am inviting flipping Beyonce and Jay-Z! Have you seen their parties?!?


"Silly Giggly Girl"


Oh so tough...why do I only get one? I guess I would like to be able to heal people. I would go around curing everyne everywhere from all sorts of things.


"Sorry, I'm not sorry!" & "Adorbs!"


"I'm Going Down" by Mary J. Blige


Night owl. Morning makes me groggy without some caffeine!


I'm not a TpT seller, but these are my FAV products:

 1). California Native Americans from SailingintoSecond
2). ANY Melonheadz Illustraing clipart
3). ALL of Hope King's classroom decor set (I own 3!)


I was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil. I speak 5 different languages (English, Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Taiwanese, and Spanish). I wear a size 5 in women's shoe. I am 5'2" (2 inches shorter and I qualify for handicap license plate). So, 5 languages ... 5 in shoe size ... about 5 foot! BUT the most amazing one, is that I actually have wavy hair because my dad has curly hair. I straighten it every morning. When it is muggy outside, you will see all of my frizz (it's so attractive...NOT)!


Where Did My Summer Go?!?

*POOF* in one blink of an eye, my summer dwindled and disappeared into somewhere I no longer remember. Busy packing/unpacking/moving/moving again out of my apartment and classroom, really left me zero time to enjoy my break. The most exciting thing I did, were my Pinterest inspired projects and a little pamper me time at the massage spa, nail salon, hair salon, and waxing that I did ALL yesterday! That's the way to kick in the new school year...YEAH!!!

It is also my first ever...*drum rolls, please* Monday Made it with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics. 
Fourth Grade Frolics

My first Made It is my pinterest inspired overnight chilled oatmeals and water infuser recipe from Blogilates (California trainer that has her own workout series on YouTube & her line of products). I just wanted to eat healthier and better, so I decided to start from the most important meal of the day-Breakfast!

There are TONS and TONS of recipes for both the chilled oatmeals and fruit infused water online and on Pinterest. I say, add whatever ingredients you personally like. It'll give the best results when you are able to enjoy it. Both of these recipes have amazing powers though. The oatmeal will keep you filling full with tons of protein from the almond milk and yogurt. While the fruit gives you vitamins, and the chia seeds are good omega fats. The water is a great way to detox all the impurities from your body and it gives you amazing skin! You will only see me drink my 1 tea or coffee and then it is water all day. No sodas for this lady! On weekends, I may occasionally splurge on a Boba milk tea, but that's another story.

Pinterest inspired project #2 came from FallingintoFirst. I saw these last year and thought, "Wow! Now that I NEED to make and MUST have!" It was a super easy project and SO SO useful during your small-group instruction. Now your kiddos can stay seated with you and optimize as much time with you they need versus getting up and referring to a bigger chart/poster you have up on a bulletin board. I just love this!!!

My 3rd Pinterest inspired project HAS been everywhere for the last 2 years! I never got myself to do it because let's admit it, everyone needs a summer where all they do is BUM around and wear LAZY SUNDAY gear all day...every day! Okay, maybe not every day but close enough that it makes it the MOST relaxing summer ever. Unfortunately, this year was not the year. I finally did what my heart set out to do 2 years ago and made my own crate stools.

I think my table needs to be lowered a bit, but other than that, it came out really well! 

My last project isn't a pinterest inspired project, but it was definitely something I made to match my classroom neon nautical theme. I really wanted title banners for my bulletin boards that had nautical background papers to it. 
Everything was made by hand (either the cutting of the paper, the written letters, and the punching I had my sister's Cricut machine do).

SIGH...I can't believe how productive I was this year, especially because I was moving out of 2 places and into 2 new places. 1 more day of countdown before the kiddos get here. AHHH!