You Oughta Know About TenMarks

Hello There Fellow Blogger! We are at a home stretch here (some already made the home run and to you I say, "Yay!"). Another school year has almost passed us by and with that said, there are some of us getting ready for the SBAC. I start next week, on the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend. That should be fun, no?

What are some things I have been trying to keep my students motivated, learning, and not getting burnt out about all the Interim Practice tests we have been taking? Well, I am about to share it with you while linking up with the awesome, Jasmine McClain from Buzzing with Mrs. McClain for this month's You Oughta Know.

I LOVE technology, so I MUST share with everyone a new useful website that my students can learn skills they are being taught in school while keeping them engaged. I was first introduced to TenMarks by my school district's Math TOA during a district wide collaboration session. 

TenMarks is an Amazon company. It is currently free and they are offering a free Summer Math camp online program for parents. They claim that by doing this program, it will help students not go through that summer vacation dip students usually go through when they come back to school the following academic year.

I will say, as a teacher, I do love this website. It gives me data that I can analyze and it asks students questions by standards in their grade-level. I also get to assign which skill and standard I would like students to practice in. 

I can see overall how my students performed on a standard:

AND I can also see how students individually performed on all assigned standards:

With the data, I can see which students are mastering a standard and which ones aren't. TenMarks then gets even more precise by telling me what specific part of the standard wasn't mastered and the most common mistakes by all students in my class:

The questions are very similar to an assessment and if they don't answer the question correctly; there is a hint video that pops up. Teachers can then see if students watched that video or not. It's pretty telling which students will click whatever or they are actually trying. The best part though? Students MUST answer each session of a standard with an 80%  or greater accuracy to unlock characters, special jam session games, and etc...

Here is an example of a question from the Multiplication standard:

I also love how students get to print a school and home log-in cards so they can practice TenMarks at home. The negative? If you would like it to make differentiation, then you would have to get the premium version which does cost money. The free version does everything the premium version does, except provide interventions. But . . . I feel like I can live without that because I will be able to make the intervention myself using the data and reports that I am being given.

Hopefully, you do give this a try! My students have been going on TenMarks to brush up on skills to help them prepare for the SBAC next week. Even though it looks like it is a testing format versus a game, students like being able to unlock game features and characters.

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  1. This is so great to know!! My parents have been asking for summer suggestions; I'm going to tell them about Ten Marks!! Thanks for sharing, Kristin!!

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