July 2015 Currently

Oh yea! It's July and that only means that it is time again for another Currently linky party with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade! I was SO overwhelmed with the SBAC, report cards, end of the year activities, and closing of CUMS in June that I completely missed last month's currently. Hooray, to me submitting my post on the first of the month...YAY me!!!

Without further ado, here is my July Currently:

Listening: My sister is currently walking around the living room, office/work area, flipping under couches, digging in plastic bags, and flipping her room inside out trying to find a razor that she bought at Target. It's been 30 mins. and she has decided to forget about it. First world problems...

Loving: I saw this meme from The Teacher Next Door on FB and it totally describes how I feel right now. Seriously, it's still the beginning of Summer vacation. Let's enjoy it, shall we?

Thinking: I'm going on a road trip with my sister and friends later this month, meeting my #squad (Yes, Tay Tay, a.k.a Swiftie, is brainwashing me) at The Anaheim Packing District for a much needed #squadgoals get together, going to my friend's baby shower in SF, attending a few more ball games at the stadium with my baseball loving friend, and meeting my current colleagues for a Charming Charlie shopping spree. I am beyond excited to be spending time with the people I love & making memories in life! 

Wanting: These damn Target Clips.  I'm jealous of everyone who has more than 3 sets of them. Enough said!!!

Needing: I still need to clean my garage from me moving back from last year. Will this be the month it gets done? (Most likely not).

All Star: Empathy. My mother, friends, and a lot of my students' parents tell me that I am able to put myself in their scenario/situation and genuinely care about what they are going through. I guess I agree to a certain degree. 


  1. Hi Kristin, I've never seen those Target clips before. What have I been missing? Your road trip sounds like fun. Hope you have a great time.

  2. I want those Target clips too! I've looked at two local stores and haven't had any luck yet! I also really need to clean my garage---but am waiting for cooler temps and a rainy day to do so! Your trip to Sedona sounds fabulous! I have a nephew that lives in Phoenix, and one of these days he has promised to take me there! Enjoy your summer!
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  3. Those target clips look fabulous - I love them! Enjoy your road trip sounds like you're going to have a great time!

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  4. I want to try it, too.
    Listening: my washer is working now and I am sitting in the same room. It is litle noisy but it is okay.
    Loving: I love my dog, because it sleeps and doesn't pay attention on the washer noise.
    Thinking: I am thinking about the sandwich, I'm hungry.
    Wanting: I want to finish my home assinment and have free time to meet with my friends.
    Needing: I need to write a big essay and I think that I will use a service that offers complete essay writing online by professional writers.

    It is really cool! I will use this target clips every day I think. Thank you!