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(Me...showing my great super powers and guns...hahaha!)
Hello! My name is Kristin and I am currently a Grade 2/3 Combo class teacher. This year, will be my 8th year in teaching. I have taught in various different places, but the main reason I got into teaching and fell in love with the profession, was because of an opportunity that I saw back in my freshman year of college. While walking to class, I saw an ad in a bulletin board for students to spend 3 months during the summer teaching English abroad in Taiwan. It was a life changing experience that I will never forget; teaching English to 6th grade students for 3 months while getting paid, having a host family to stay with, free meals, and a free trip to my parent's homeland (first time there prior to this experience). 

Now...my teaching journey is not your typical teacher's teaching journey. You see, I was a very chatty and social gal when I was a kid. (I have recently changed my ways, I promise!). I pretty much went to school to...socialize and make friends. Academics were not my priority. I told my parents that I would go to college, but after that...I was dunzo with school. Never in a million years did I imagine that I would find myself calling a school my home away from home for years to come. Life has a funny way of showing you things and teaching you lessons. The most meaningful ones are the ones I learn from my mom and those that my students teach me. For that, I am SO ever grateful!

And for some fun: Some Fun Facts About Me:

1). I was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil (YES...spell it with an "s"). My parents met in college there.

2). I think my sister is one of the most talented human beings out there. She is just THAT amazing! (Oh, I just noticed we always stand in the same spots for pictures...hmmmm, interesting).


3). I am a little TOO enthusiastic about school spirit days. 

4). I LOVE all things Hello Kitty! 

5). I also <3 Boo! I follow him on Facebook and Instagram. Look at that face...he's too adorably cute!

6). I left my heart in San Francisco. Always have, always will. I began my first full-time teaching position in South San Francisco and taught 2nd grade there for 2 years. Developed some amazing friendships that are still going strong with some of my colleagues and families of students I've had. Whenever I am up in NorCal, I give them a call and they welcome me with open arms.

7). My grandfather and I share the same birthday. We are both born on February 15. Aquarians (is this a real word??) rule!!!

8). I am a big Natural History Museum nerd! I love polar bears, pandas, and dinosaurs. Which leads to # 9...

9). ...my nickname in my college sorority was: "Ross" from Friends. During pledging time, to brighten my pledge sister's moods, I would make Ross Gellar impressions. The fact that I love museums and dinosaurs added to the nickname. In real life, I am more like Monica Gellar though. Very "Type A" personality with a tad too much O.C.D.

10). I got my M.A in Teaching at U.S.C...Go Trojans!
(Oh, next to me is my HS bestie. Love her to pieces!)

 11). If you hear me coughing ALL year long, it is NOT because I have strep throat or whooping cough. I ONLY like cold drinks. My coffee, tea, water...you name it, it needs to have been refrigerated. I am trying to change my ways though since I am starting to sound like a 90 year old woman!

12). Japanese food is my 3rd all time favorite food because...

13). ...wine and cheese is my 2nd all time favorite food and...

14). Brasilian food is my ALL time favorite food. Brasilians just know food. Just sayin'!

15). Organization with shabby chic infusion is my all time pocket emptier.

16). But, nothing kills my wallet more than online shopping and retail shopping therapy!

17). Pink is my favorite color!
18). Christmas is my favorite holiday!

19). I am guilty of this...very often!

20). In 2013-2014, my students won the Read to Achieve LA Clippers Storybook contest (1st place in an elementary division out of 350 local schools). We were given an all day access pass to watch the Clippers game, be on live tv before the game was aired, given special plaques and prizes). I was a proud momma bear that day!

21). In the summer of 2013, I was selected to attend the Mickelson-Exxon Mobil Teacher's Academy. It was a lifetime opportunity to learn and collaborate with so many passionate teachers from across the nation. I'll never forget this experience!

Wow..that's pretty much 32 years of my life in a nutshell. I can't wait to see where the next 30 some years lead me. 

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  1. My sister and I always stand in the same position for pictures, too! It must be a sister thing.
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