A Week of THANKS - A is for . . .

Back again on this Thanksgiving Eve to join Blog Hopin's A Week of Thanks linky party.

A is for a cup (or more) of SBUX's Chestnut Praline Latte holiday drink!

I usually am a big boring person when it comes to trying out new foods and drinks. But for some reason, the new holiday line up at SBUX just really grabbed my attention one day . . .

. . . since then, that's ALL I can think about ordering. I will be SO sad when they go away. 

Thank you SBUX for this year's holiday drinks to keep me sane during the days I need it most at work!


  1. I just had one of those last week... It was really tasty! I'm not sure it's my favorite holiday flavor but considering I'm still using some of last year's Starbucks giftcards, I have time to taste again and experiment. I'm a huge fan of salted caramel mocha and that flavor is just hard to beat!

    But I am so very thankful for a good cup of coffee :) Yum!
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    1. Hi Amanda,

      My sister thinks it's just "okay" as well. To each their own right? =P