November Currently

Of course I am LATE to the November Currently linky. But I suppose it is better late than never. Here I go linking up for my favorite linky party, Farley's Currently Linky Party from Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Taylor Swift's or TSwizzle's, as some people call her, 1989 album DLX edition from Target. I LOVE LOVE LOVE absolutely every single song from this album! I know, I know... I am THE biggest teener bopper ever! But I think she is so talented and hearing the extras of how her song writing turns into music is amazing! Some of my favorite soundtrack from this album besides Shake it Off are: Style, Bad Blood, and Welcome to New York (be warned it is SUPER catchy)!

Starbucks's salted caramel hot chocolate. I am usually not a fan of hot beverages at all, but this one has been treating me well since I have been sick with the flu the last week. Some passion fruit with kumquat oolong tea has also helped soothe my sore throat.

Thanksgiving 1 week vacation for some much needed R&R and stuffing! I LOVE stuffing!!! Oh yea, I am also waiting for Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 to come out. My sister and I will be attending the premiere of it even though we both have to go to work the following day. Who does that by the way? Have movie openings during the middle of the week??? Bleh!

My favorite dessert of all time, Creme Brûlée! If it wasn't because I need a torch thingy to make that awesome sugar crust topping, I would be making it all the time. Unfortunately, flames and heat and I just DON'T get along!

A good hot stone massage! My stinking neck and shoulder blades have been hurting like crazy! I am starting to think all the chart making, circle time, and reading my iPad at night in bed is making my neck bad. I will wake up from a great night's sleep or nap and my neck and shoulders will be killing me. UGH!

Gone Girl. I am not finished yet NOR have I watched the movie yet. I am usually an avid reader and read everything in my NOOK app in a few days, but being sick and having to work on report cards, conferences, and everything else we teachers have to do, I am just not anywhere I want to be with that book yet. 

My brain is fried so I'm off to bed! Goodnight, world! Zzzz....


  1. I think i'll check the "Gone Girl" book, its been recommended a lot of times. :)
    You must be really so tired today, have a sweet rest! :) Hugs!

    ♥ ♥ rachel ♥ ♥
    Teaching Melodies
    At the Other Side of Me

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I think you should definitely check it out. I have only gotten to 1/3 of the book and it was already that good!

  2. Hi Kristin,
    I definitely feel you when you said you can't find the time to read. I looove reading and hate that I don't get a chance to do it. I hope you're feeling better, and get that hot stone massage soon :)

    Zoe x
    Oh the Little Wonders

    1. Thanks, Zoe! I hope I get that massage too =P If only we could read and get a massage at the same time then we would be killing two birds with one stone. HA!

  3. Oh yes, Thanksgiving week is the thing to look forward to. Thankfully my school has a few days off before then, but I totally get the daydreaming about Thanksgiving and all that yummy food. AND YES! Mockingjay as well. I'm gonna be watching that with my sister as well! :)

    1. I LOVE how you are going to watch the movie with your sister too, Hannah! The trailers just make me crazy from all the waiting. I almost want to do the marathon show where they show the first 2 movies before the premiere of the new one.

  4. OMG. I love me some TSwift and Gone Girl! seriously. I am a closet teenie bopper too...haha

    Gone Girl is amazing! I want to see the movie now!

    1. YAY to closet teeny boppers all over the world! =P

  5. Hi Kristin,

    I am looking forward to break too! That will mean all my grades and conferences are done. I just started reading Gone Girl too.

    :) Karen

    1. I know right, Karen! I can't wait for this crazy month to be over!!!