Sunday Scoop!

Ahoy, on this lovely Sunday evening! I decided to link up with The Teaching Trio to bring you my Sunday Scoop!

Have Tos:
1). I don't get a 4 Day weekend like a lot of my teacher friends. Super bummer! Instead, my entire District has a Pupil Free Day where teachers come in to work on report cards. It totally made my Sunday today gloomy!
2). I need to go get me some baking materials so I can make my colleagues a Thanksgiving pretzel stick!
3). Look at this bad boy below and tell me it isn't the most beautiful thing in the world? I saw it at HSN during Craft Week and decided to get it even though I wanted a Silhouette. I'm a sucker for cute colors and this one just won my heart! It's been sitting in my room in its original package for the last month. I need to open it and make sure it works and that it isn't damaged. 

Hope Tos:

1). I need to start exercising and eating right. I will be going to Oahu during Spring Break and I do not want to spend my week in Hawaii covered up. MUST...MUST lose weight!

2). My super awesome friend invited me to go to Tulem, Mexico with her. I am hoping we get to go soon because it has always been on my Bucket List to go see the Mayan Ruins.

Happy To:

I am always more than happy to spend time with my family, even it means waking up early before my dad's business flight so that I can have that one more hour of quality time with him. 


  1. My husband and I went to Tulum for our Honeymoon. (Well technically we were on a cruise but one of our days we spent in Tulum). It is absolutely breath-taking and the beach there is gorgeous! The Mayan Ruins fascinate me and I recommend having a tour guide bring you around for a little while. There are so many facts that they share! Report cards were on my Sunday Scoop To-Do list too. I successfully got them done last night... although I may have stayed up way too long doing them! I hope you have a great week and thanks for linking up with us!

    Funky in Fourth
    Teaching Trio

    1. Hi Cassie,

      I am so glad to hear that Tulum is so wonderful! I do plan on getting a tour guide. Let me know if there are other activities you recommend! I would love to know so I can plan =)

  2. Get that Cricut opened up girl! I love my Expression. Yes, you read that right, my Expression. Something about just being able to pop the cartridge in, press the buttons, and viola - done! Love, love, love crafting! Also, I'm jealous of your trips! Have fun!!

    1. Michelle,

      You would be SO proud of me! I finally opened it up this past Veteran's Day. Now I just need to learn how to use it. LOL!

  3. Reports are never fun - hope you managed to get yours done! Enjoy your trips - they sound fun!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. I was able to get them done finally! Now I just need to print them.

  4. I too totally dislike (and procrastinate) doing report cards! So glad to learn about your blog through the Sunday Scoop link-up. I taught a 2/3 combo my very first year of teaching.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      It took me 2 full days to finish my report cards! YIKES. How did you like the 2/3 combo class? I am SO glad that only lasted me for 2 months. WHEW....I consider myself a super organized person, but combo classes are THE toughest thing I have ever done.