O.M.G...I am at Week 3!

Ahoy, there! Can you believe I have made it to week 3 of teaching?!? It's crazy, but it also explains why I am SO looking forward to Labor Day weekend! And...what better way to make it 3 weeks long than with a Monday Made-It with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics.

 While You Were Absent Folders
I have been having a lot of kiddos absent the last 2 weeks. It seems like there is a cold going around my grade level and other teachers are experiencing the same thing. With more than 1 kid being absent, it is easier to have the table captain from each table be in charge of the absent classmate's work. This past year, I remade my "Missed You While You Were Absent Folder" to go with my classroom's theme. Last year, I had a Jungle theme folder and this year I have a Nautical theme folder. Inside the folder, there is a "classwork" flap and a "homework" flap. Students take the folder home and they get one day per absent days to make up their work. So far, this system has worked for me for 2 years in a row. I really wish I discovered this earlier. I used to use a pocket chart where I would put extra work papers and students who were absent were responsible for grabbing the work they owed. Yea...that never made it back to the classroom...THIS however, works way better!

 Daiso Desktop Trash Can & Mini Broom w/Sweeper Pan
Okay...I have to admit. I have a pet peeve with students constantly getting up during instruction to throw away pencil shavings, extra scrap papers, or whatever other thing they feel they need to throw while I am in the middle of a lesson. To minimize ANY classroom interruptions or unnecessary getting out of their seats, I invested in these Daiso mini trash cans and mini broom with sweeper pan. For those that aren't familiar with Daiso, it is a Japanese dollar tree (but the items are $1.50 BUT with WAY better quality). 

I assign a "monster scrapper" each month. This is THE only person allowed to use the little broom and dust pan. He/she is also responsible for emptying out the mini trash cans every Friday prior to going home. I started this last year as well and it was THE most popular job, no matter if the student was a boy or a girl. I only pick students that can handle the responsibility. Towards the second semester, I would make my 3rd graders apply for their jobs and they would have to tell me why I should hire them.

Clarifying Unknown Vocabulary Bookmarks--Melonheadz Edition!
Made my kiddos their very own "Clarifying Unknown Vocabulary" bookmarks. I used to use this "pre-made" version in my last school when I was using the Imagine It! curriculum and my students and administrators loved it!!! Whenever we start a new story, on top of using Project GLAD strategies, my students bust this baby out as we focus on one of the strategies on the bookmark. This year, I made my own! HOORAY!!!

So...if you would like a copy, just e-mail me and let me know. All I ask is that you refer back to my blog and give me credit for the time and effort I put into making these.

Wellps, that is about all my brain can handle this Monday. Don't forget to head to Tara's blog to link up!

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  1. I need to hit up a Daiso! I love the trash bin idea. All we do now is interactive notebook stuff which means constant trash. Such a fabulous idea! I still need to get my absent student folders ready. I've had quite a few absent kiddos and I hate stacks of papers on their desks. Your bookmarks are super cute!
    Can you tell I'm on a comment kick...I have finally found a few minutes to check out some of my favorite peeps!
    Fifth Grade Wit and

    1. Yes, I can tell! I was actually getting ready for bed and decided to check my email prior to knocking out and saw all of your comments! =) I totally thought to myself, "She's on a roll!" You will LOVE Daiso!