Where Did My Summer Go?!?

*POOF* in one blink of an eye, my summer dwindled and disappeared into somewhere I no longer remember. Busy packing/unpacking/moving/moving again out of my apartment and classroom, really left me zero time to enjoy my break. The most exciting thing I did, were my Pinterest inspired projects and a little pamper me time at the massage spa, nail salon, hair salon, and waxing that I did ALL yesterday! That's the way to kick in the new school year...YEAH!!!

It is also my first ever...*drum rolls, please* Monday Made it with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics. 
Fourth Grade Frolics

My first Made It is my pinterest inspired overnight chilled oatmeals and water infuser recipe from Blogilates (California trainer that has her own workout series on YouTube & her line of products). I just wanted to eat healthier and better, so I decided to start from the most important meal of the day-Breakfast!

There are TONS and TONS of recipes for both the chilled oatmeals and fruit infused water online and on Pinterest. I say, add whatever ingredients you personally like. It'll give the best results when you are able to enjoy it. Both of these recipes have amazing powers though. The oatmeal will keep you filling full with tons of protein from the almond milk and yogurt. While the fruit gives you vitamins, and the chia seeds are good omega fats. The water is a great way to detox all the impurities from your body and it gives you amazing skin! You will only see me drink my 1 tea or coffee and then it is water all day. No sodas for this lady! On weekends, I may occasionally splurge on a Boba milk tea, but that's another story.

Pinterest inspired project #2 came from FallingintoFirst. I saw these last year and thought, "Wow! Now that I NEED to make and MUST have!" It was a super easy project and SO SO useful during your small-group instruction. Now your kiddos can stay seated with you and optimize as much time with you they need versus getting up and referring to a bigger chart/poster you have up on a bulletin board. I just love this!!!

My 3rd Pinterest inspired project HAS been everywhere for the last 2 years! I never got myself to do it because let's admit it, everyone needs a summer where all they do is BUM around and wear LAZY SUNDAY gear all day...every day! Okay, maybe not every day but close enough that it makes it the MOST relaxing summer ever. Unfortunately, this year was not the year. I finally did what my heart set out to do 2 years ago and made my own crate stools.

I think my table needs to be lowered a bit, but other than that, it came out really well! 

My last project isn't a pinterest inspired project, but it was definitely something I made to match my classroom neon nautical theme. I really wanted title banners for my bulletin boards that had nautical background papers to it. 
Everything was made by hand (either the cutting of the paper, the written letters, and the punching I had my sister's Cricut machine do).

SIGH...I can't believe how productive I was this year, especially because I was moving out of 2 places and into 2 new places. 1 more day of countdown before the kiddos get here. AHHH! 

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