Subscription Box Obsession

Ahoy, mateys! I just wanted to share a little something not related to teaching today. Besides my passion for education, I have a HUGE (understatement) obsession with make-up, fashion, accessories, and beauty products. About two years ago, I started on a dangerous (for my wallet) journey into subscription boxes. At one point, I was receiving 20 subscription boxes per month(some were food boxes, clothing boxes, subscription boxes, lifestyle boxes, or make-up/beauty boxes). I know... I know... I have problems! It's okay, I always think of myself as:

(I swear this is true!)

(That's right, my momma didn't raise NO quitter!)

This past year however, I made a list of which boxes were always a HIT and which ones I had to start getting rid of. Today, I am sharing 2 of the subscription boxes that I am keeping.

Subscription Box #1: Le Metier de Beaute
Le Metier de Beaute is a yearly VIP beauty subscription box. There is a flat upfront payment of $345.00. That means monthly, it is $28.75. Every month, they send a pre-release of their make-up or skin care product. The 2014-2015 VIP vault is currently closed, but every June they reopen their VIP subscription sign-up. Space is limited, so if you are interested, I recommend you follow their FaceBook site or MySubscriptionAddiction's Blog for updates.

For the first month (which starts in August), I received their dual eyeshadow and blush kaleidoscope. It is seriously UH-MAZING! The eyeshadows and the blush are so pigmented and it compliments my skin tone very well. It's also SO convenient to take and go with you in your purse.

Subscription Box #2: Ipsy Bag
Ipsy Glam Bag is a monthly beauty bag for $10/month. When you first register for the website, they make you take a beauty and skincare quiz to see your preference. The only downside about the quiz is that they don't ask you for your skin tone. Every now and then, I'll get BB Creams or Concealers in shades that do not match my skin tone very well. But overall, for $10 you get 5 decent sample size of make-up and skincare products that I usually never have heard of or would have ever tried on my own.

This is the August 2014 bag. You always get a little make-up bag each month. This month's theme was Back-to-School, which explains the pencil pouch type make-up bag. I usually keep my bags and use it to store different items in my classroom. I haven't tried August's products yet, but will be adding the lip balm, mascara, and eyeliner pencil to my purse for those emergency days where your face needs some refreshers.

Next time's blog: Glossybox.

Do any of you subscribe to any subscription boxes? If so, let me know! I would love to hear what other people subscribe to.


  1. Love those eyeshadows! But that up front $345 is steep! I will have to think about it. You may have to share a little more of what they give you. I canceled my ipsy bag a few months ago. I was getting tired of getting the same types of things. I felt that they weren't "listening" to my quiz. But the eyeshadow one is very tempting.
    Fifth Grade Wit and

    1. I'll let you know when I get the October one =P I still like Ipsy...it's so awesome for traveling!

    2. Yay! Ya, you're right. Maybe I will sign back up one of these days. I was just getting tired of getting a ton of mascara and products that I don't use. I wonder if they even really take our profile quizzed into consideration?