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You know how you have a lot of things to do, but something is bothering you and you stop everything just to do whatever it is bothering you? Well. . . today I had me one of those days. In fact, it has been truly bothering me lately that my Pinterest board is SO damn messy! It bothered me even more after I saw LadyBugsTeacherFiles uber organized Pinterest Board Covers. Aaaannndd today, I decided to do something about it. That's right, I decided to make my own Pinterest Board Covers using some Melonheadz Illustrating graphics that I purchased and reorganized everything.

Here are my covers: (it is bothering me though that the baking clipart set gives a white background so I couldn't use my chalkboard ones for my Recipes board)

Want to know how to create your very own Pinterest Board Covers so that everything is organized in your Pinterest life? Head on over to LadyBugsTeacherFiles here where she gives some fantastic step-by-step instructions on how to customize and create them. 

AND NOW. . .  my brain is going to take a much needed brain break and call it a day. Whew! I feel accomplished!!!

P.S--> I know I don't have anything pinned. I erased it all and will re-pin again soon someday!

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